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Enlivened has a unique business model. It is an online dispensary for health care products. The most popular products are available within just a few clicks. Enlivened is a HIPAA-compliant service that allows patients to get high-quality eyewear from the comfort of their own homes. It’s free, and it helps people find the products they need.

Enlivened is an ophthalmology-focused, HIPAA-compliant, turn-key online dispensary. When you prescribe through Enlivened, we provide patient education, unmatched customer service, and order fulfillment, boosting your patients’ appreciation of the care you provide.

We help you to empower your practice while keeping you free from
1. Free your staff from additional work,
2. Eliminate upfront costs.
3. Save time and Money
4. Stay HIPAA Compliant

We are here to help you. If you want to join us, please visit enlivened.com and click ‘login|sign up’ then click health professionals, fill out all the required information, and submit.

It is easy to get a new account approved. Just fill out the short form, and it will be approved within 24 hours.

There are several products you can recommend to your patients. To make a quick recommendation, click the ‘Quick RX’ button and select the product you want. In this era of the digital consumer, your patients expect an amazing experience. You can provide that experience with a simple form. It’s very easy. Simply enter your patient’s information into such form and click the send button. Your patient will then receive a personalized phone call from one of our advisors who will help them take action.

Enlivened is a patient-driven solution. We provide your patients with tools and education that you simply don’t have time for. We’re an additional resource they can use to learn more about things like tonometers, other medical devices, and a variety of supplements. There’s absolutely no cost to you!

Our platform is exclusive to licensed medical professionals. Some of our products require a prescription in order for your patients to obtain them. We have a handy tool that will automatically generate a prescription once a recommendation has been made to purchase one of our products.

No, you do not have to pay anything. Enlivened does all the work! We take care of all your patient needs from supply to shipping and customer service.


If your practice would like to purchase an Enlivened product, you can get the wholesale price.

Our temperature-controlled warehouse is located in Jacksonville FL and that’s the location from where our products are shipped.

Your patients can find information about the products through our enlivened website and through our Professional Patient Advisors. They will spend time with your patients educate them and help them through out the journey. Also, your patients can find information about the products by signing up for our monthly email newsletter, searching through the Q&A section of our website, and attending any free webinars we host.


It’s a the only device which is FDA approved. Not only is this product safe, but it’s very easy to use. The ICARE home tonometer was designed with the patient in mind.

Based on our 15 years of experience, we’ve seen that this is a common misconception. In fact, the opposite is true. Having health monitoring at home is incredibly valuable and gives peace of mind to all patients. Also, if such situation arises our Patient advisors will contact your patient, guide them and handle the situation. If necessary then the patient will come to you.

Units available for rent or purchase are ICARE home 1 and ICARE home 2. The home 2 model is the latest version of our home tonometers.

We’ve got a rental program. If the patient is unsure of their needs, they can rent the device for a week to see if they like it. The only commitment is a weekly fee.

If a patient rents a device and decides to purchase it, they can apply up to 90% of the rental fees as credit toward the purchase.

We will take care of all the technical and customer service issues related to your patient’s experience with Enlivened. Your patients will be able to purchase their tonometer through us and we will deliver it to their door, along with ongoing support.

Our experienced patient advisors will talk, understand and educate your patients about the enlivened’s platform. It is easy to use, but many patients still need assistance with the technology. To make sure your patients are satisfied, it’s best to have our professional patient advisors on hand who can be there for them at every step of the process. From picking out a device to learning how to use it, our patient advisors will be with them at every turn.


Our professional patient advisors set us apart, they spend time with your patients to handle discussions regarding the purpose of the supplements, their benefits, and how to use them. They handle all customer service topics allowing you and your staff to focus on your practice.

We always warn patients not to use this tool to change their treatment. But it can be used to confirm that your treatment plan is on track. In fact, it may give you a better sense of where your patient’s eye pressure fluctuates throughout the day and over the course of a month. With the use of such data, physicians can now prescribe treatment plans with a greater sense of confidence, knowing that they are working as intended.

When training and patient education is conducted, it’s typically a 30-minute zoom consultation.

Yes, of course. You can take advantage of the reports feature. It’s in your account. It provides you with a variety of information about the most important aspects of your work.

Your patient will have an account through iCARE. In this account, they can email you their health data. They can print out their data and mail it to you.

Your patients are contacted by email or phone call per your recommendation or referral.

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