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Create a FREE account with Enlivened. Simply provide your professional credentials and your practice’s information to set up your online dispensary.

We handle all order taking, inventory management, order fulfillment and customer service. We process the initial order and make sure you win the repeat refill business too. We handle payment processing and sales tax reporting, if any.

Your patients can start ordering immediately. Using our online dispensary is fast, easy and convenient for you and your patients.

Our Enlivened Patient Advisors take the time to review your recommendations with the patient and help to reinforce your message.


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Enlivened empowers your practice with a new way to provide personalized care to your patients.

Direct Patient Education Provided by Our

Enlivened Patient Advisors


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When you prescribe supplements through Enlivened, we provide patient education, unmatched customer service, and order fulfillment, boosting your patients’ appreciation of the care you provide.

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