Asking the Patient to Sign Up

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Ask Patient to Set up Account

Dr. (practitioner) recommended these (supplements) to you because they are the best in the market for your eye care protocol. Do you feel like you have enough information to get started today?

"Yes" Response"

“Yes” response

Awesome! Let’s get your account set up.

"No" Response

“No” response

Ok so knowing your goals are ____. We know that this is important for you to start as soon as possible. Would you agree?

Patient respond

What would make you feel more prepared to start today? We may have other solutions that fit your needs.

Patient responds

(respond to patient based on their objection….. price)

Future Follow-Up Question

We offer the same product in small sizes if it is something you would like to try, we can follow up with you to get your feedback. How does that sound?

Patient responds “yes why not”

Great! Thats awesome to hear, and I am very confident that you will love the Nordic Naturals professional line. Now let’s go ahead and set up your account.

Patient responds “HARD no”

Ok I understand your concerns. Would it be ok to follow up with you in 30 days to check on your progress?

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