Guidelines for Choosing Fish Oil

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– Purified of mercury, lead, and other harmful toxins

– Third-Party Testing: ensures quality, freshness, and purity. CofA

– Triglyceride Form: for optimal absorption and results

– Sustainability: responsible fishing protects our seas


– Bottled in an oxygen free, nitrogen rich environment. minimized oxidation for no fishy taste.

– If improperly stored they can go rancid

– Taste: fishy smell or taste means a poorly made oil


2–4 g EPA+DHA for high-intensity support

ProOmega 2000

875mg of DHA  |  1125mg of EPA

ProDHA Eye

360mg EPA  | 845mg DHA.

Triglyceride Form: 70% more absorbable then ethyl esters (mainstream market) & 90+% more concentrated


  • Bottled in an oxygen free, nitrogen rich environment
  • Sourced from the cleanest waters in Norway
  • Lemon flavored

Let me ask you this…have you ever taken a fish oil and experienced a fishy after taste?

When fish oils are improperly stored they can go rancid which causes that off taste, and maybe harmful to consume. Nordic Naturals prevents this by sourcing their fish from the cleanest waters and they bottle all the fish oils in an oxygen-free, nitrogen-rich environment. Before Nordic Naturals I had no idea what a good fish oil looked like. They have a lemon flavor that makes it tasty and not fishy.


  • Uses natural enzymes to increase absorption
  • 70% more absorbable then ethyl esters (mainstream market)
  • 90+% more concentrated
  One way that Nordic Naturals sets themselves apart is how they process the fish oil. They keep it in its natural form which is 70% more absorbable, and 90+% more concentrated. They do this by using natural enzymes to reassemble ethyl esters back to triglyceride form for maximum absorption.   Because ethyl esters lack the molecular backbone found in triglycerides these new-to-nature omega-3 molecules are not only less effective at delivering EFAs to the body during digestion and metabolism, they also pose potential side effects. Research confirms that concentrated fish oil in the triglyceride form is absorbed 70% more than as ethyl esters. Ethyl esters have only been in the human diet for a few decades. As such, the long-term effects of these molecules are unknown


  • 1 g EPA+DHA for proactive support
  • 2–4 g EPA+DHA for high-intensity support
  • ProOmega 2000 875mg of DHA and 1125mg of EPA
  • ProDHA Eye 360mg EPA and 845mg DHA

Have you looked at the back of a fish oil label before?

Well if you notice most drug store fish oils do not make it clear on how much EPA and DHA you are actually receiving

So let me ask you….Have you ever taken 1/16 of an aspirin to rid yourself of a headache?

No right? It just doesn’t work. Which is what most drug store fish oils will do is fairy dust omega 3s into their products.


The therapeutic amount is over 1000mg according to the ARED2 study. (350mg of DHA and 650mg EPA). Nordic naturals provides in their ProOmega 2000 875mg of DHA and 1125mg of EPA. In their ProDHA Eye 360mg EPA and 845mg DHA.


  • A third-party certificate of analysis indicates the levels of purity from environmental toxins, and the oxidation level (or freshness) of the oil.
  • Certificates of Analysis are available on NN website
  • Enter your lot number to view the certificate for your specific bottle.
Nordic naturals pays for third party testing to ensure that all their products are top notch. That is why Nordic Naturals is the number one fish oil in the United States, and the global leader of omega 3 products. Which we think is tremendously valuable


  • 100% Biofuel: Nordic Naturals processing plant in Arctic Norway I processed by biofuel using leftover fats from our fish oil processing.
  • Protect the sea: Only source non- endangered, wild caught species. We also work with fisheries that are certified sustainable by friend of the sea.
  • Non- GMO: Committed to using NON GMO ingredients in their products.
  • Reduce Waste: the product containers and packaging materials are recyclable We also use recyclable packaging whenever possible in the shipping of our products.
  • Sustainable: The headquarters in Watsonville California was awarded the LEED Gold Certification for our whole- building approach to sustainability.

Cause Partners: They support organizations that do good, including the 5 Gyres Institute, big brothers and sisters, and the second Harvest food bank

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