Quick Rx

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Customize Your Quick Rx

Click on the Quick Rx icon at the top of the page or the left menu to view your preselected list of products chosen by Enlivened. This is list customizable. You can add or remove products from this list at any time.

To add a new product to the list, type a product name in the Add Product search bar. It is highly recommended to select the Auto-ship products to ensure your patients do not run out of their supplements.

Create & Invite to Submit a Recommendation using Quick Rx

  1. Select the product you would like to recommend out of the Quick Rx list then click the + sign to add the product or manually add a number.

  2. Fill out the Create & Invite form with your patient’s name, phone number, email, add a note and then click Submit Recommendation to send the invitation and recommendation all at once to your patient via email.

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