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View and Add Products

Click the Search Products icon on the top menu or Products on the left menu. You will have the option to Filter your search or type a product name in the search bar.

Click on the product image to view product details, such as the supplement facts, serving size and suggested use.

After clicking Add to Rx  you will see the option to View Rx to send a patient recommendation directly from the product page; multiple products can be added to the recommendation at this time.

If you click Save the recommendation will only be saved but will not generate a patient recommendation until Save & Submit is selected. (A patient must be added to Save or Save & Submit; please see Submit a New Recommendation in New Rx article for instructions).

Benefits of Selecting Auto-Ship Products

Make all your product recommendations Auto-ship and your patients will have the benefit of adhering to your customized recommendation without missing out on their monthly supplementation needs. Auto-ship also benefits your practice by keeping the refill business with you. We do offer a One-time order option if your patients prefer this.

Switch to Customer View

Click on Switch to Customer View in the left menu. This will allow you to see what your patients see when they shop your Practitioner Dispensary.

Personal Supplement Purchases

Shop Enlivened for your supplements.

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