Setting Up Your Online Dispensary

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On this page you will find the information to begin the sign-up process. You can also make changes to your account information in the future. Once all license documents and credentials are submitted, your account will be reviewed. You will be given limited access until your account is fully activated.

Getting Started

  1. Go to and select Login | Sign Up to sign up for your professional account.

Health Care Professionals Sign-Up

  1. Click on Health Care Professionals to create your FREE account.

Step 1 : Fill out your Business Info and click on Next when completed.

  1. Enter Business Type*
  2. Enter Legal Business Name*
  3. Enter Street Address, Country, City, State and Zip Code*
  4. Enter Phone Number*
  5. Include a Website URL
  6. Enter Primary Contact Info: First Name*, Last Name* and Title (i.e., Office Manager).

*Fields are Required

Step 2: Enter Practitioner Info and click on Next when completed. 

  1. Enter First Name and Last Name* and Type of Practitioner*
  2. License Country*, License State* and License or Certification Number*
  3. It is optional to Upload License Documents and Credentials by clicking the Browse button at this time or they can be uploaded later in the Dashboard. You will be granted limited access to your account pending full approval.

*Fields are required

Step 3: Enter Login Information and click on Create Account when completed.

  1. Add your Email Address*, Create a Password and then Confirm Password*
  2. Review the Terms and Conditions and check the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” box* then click Create Account to access your account.

*Fields are required

Once you have successfully completed all the steps you will see the Enlivened Dashboard.

  1. Click the Upload Now button to upload your license documents and credentials, you will be taken to the Practitioner Info Account Page.


Upload License Document

This is the Practitioner Info Account Page.

  1. Click on Browse in the Upload License Document section and click the blue Save button.
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